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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

NEW Wrist Strap HD

We have recently introduced a new heavy duty wrist strap to our range.
Basically, the same as our standard wrist strap but now ½" wide rather
than ⅜".  Available in a choice of four Dakota leather colours and 24
trim colours.  There will also be a ball bearing swivel version for those 
that prefer this option. They are a heavier model (86kg) and have welded
rings for added strength. For flexibility and a much improved user experi-
ence they're very hard to beat.

    Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown HD SR

    Tan Dakota/Sand HD SR

Update January 2016

I thought it was time to update you on the current situation.  2016 looks a
little better than it did a few months ago.  With both hands and both feet in
bandages, things weren't looking too good.  I'm pleased to say my hands
are now free from them and ready to get back to work. Certain jobs are now
a bit tricky as you can imagine but with a little thought and perseverance
much of it can be overcome.
Our products are now available through Ebay, albeit a reduced range. 
The items available will be extended over time.  Please see the links at the
bottom of each page for more information/pics of other straps that we offer.
We cannot list every item that we make as the different combinations run
into many hundreds.  If you see something that you like but cannot find it
listed, then please contact me and I'm sure we will be able to help you.
Once again, thank you for your continued support.

I have produced a number of items in the last few weeks and although the
process has taken considerably longer than it used to, I am happy with the
end result. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Capnocytophaga canimorsus

Just to give a brief explanation why I have been off the grid for the last couple of months.  I was struck very suddenly by an infection called  Capnocytophaga Canimorsus.

The cause, I'm told was from a dog licking an open wound.  It's an extremely rare
condition and one that most doctors had not seen before.
My wife made an emergency call late one night after I collapsed at home.
I was rushed to the A & E dept of our local hospital and from there to the ICU for tests.
It was thought at first to be a form of meningitis but later diagnosed as the above mentioned
condition.  Within a short space of time the tips of both my hands and feet were turning black and my vital organs were beginning to shut down.  Doctors at the ICU put me into
an induced coma for a week. I cannot say at this time whether or not I shall be able to
carry on with my strap manufacturing business as most of my digits are going to require
a degree of amputation.  Whatever the outcome, it will be many months ahead. I will
update this post when I have more information.

My sincere thanks for your support.

Please be warned, the following photos are not for the faint hearted!!

Wednesday 2 Sept

   Arrived home yesterday following a ten day stay in Worcester Royal Hospital. 

   I've now had the top third or so of my right foot amputated (all the necrotic section)

   and other affected parts of the sole debrided (removal of dead tissue).  

   The wound was then 'dressed' using a Vac dressing, which was something new to me.

    it works as it's title suggests, by removing any unwanted fluids via an attached tube

    into a reservoir contained within the unit.  Apparently this system can shorten the

    healing process by a number of weeks (I'll let you know).

    If anyone is interested there are a number of  videos on Youtube that explain in

    greater detail how the technology works.

                    My custom made protective boot

                   Hopefully a few months of rehab before I return to get my left foot done,

                   and then onto the hands.  Happy days eh !!!

                   To be continued........

                   Update 13 November 2015

                   Left the Worcester Royal Hospital today following a 10 day stay for

                   surgery to remove the toes on my left foot (Ouch).  I am now officially

                   toeless!   A short break now until next Thursday when I shall return to

                   have surgery on my hands to remove the necrotic tissue.  The removal

                   of these sections will be a blessing in some ways, as these sections are

                   dead and completely useless.  I will then be able to assess what I am 

                   still able to do.

                   20 November Returned to Royal Worcs Hospital to have surgery on both


                   16 Dec.    I now have one hand (right) that is free of dressings.  My left 

                    hand is still in bandages as the surgery was a little more invasive than

                    the right.  With any luck, I hope to be back up and running by the New

                    Year.   I would like to thank those of you that have been in touch for your

                    support.  Very much appreciated I can assure you.

                    Yesterday, I was contacted by a potential customer from Switzerland

                    regarding a custom strap.  He required an adjustable shoulder strap

                    with a maximum length of 55 inches.  Not wanting to let the guy down, 
                     I decided to 'give it a go'.  With help from my dear wife, Cathy we got

                     things underway.  She has become my 'left hand woman'!

                     It took much longer to complete as you may appreciate but we got it

                     done, which gave me great satisfaction.  The finished  item can be seen

                     on my Facebook page.              

Friday, 20 February 2015

Shoulderpod S1

Having spotted this online some months ago, I thought it 
would be a useful addition to my camera bag.  I'm using
my iPhone more and more for photography/video and 
being a clumsy person at the best of times this little gadget
appeared to have what I was looking for.

  The S1 comes nicely packaged.....

  Comes in 3 parts, the grip (adjustable) a metal grip which
  gives some weight/balance and a wrist strap.

  Assembled and ready.  Although the main (adjustable) body
  is a plastic material it has a nice robust feel to it. A knurled             
  knob allows adjustment to most sizes of camera.
  Removal of the bottom (weighted) section and the strap
  reveals a ¼ " socket which will enable you to attach the S1
  directly to a tripod. 

  Note...Strap shown is not the one supplied with kit.        

  Phone fitted and good to go.  Once fitted the phone/camera
  has a much better overall feel to it and the extra control is
  vastly improved.  The supplied strap is also very useful as 
  it removes any concerns over dropping your phone. 

  Adjusts for larger handsets (pictured with iPhone 6 plus)

  All in all, I would say a very worthwhile investment for 
  smartphone photographers/videographers.  Image quality
  is certainly improved simply by the extra control the S1
  gives you.  At a little over £20 it's certainly one of my best
  purchases so far this year and I would have no hesitation
  in recommending it to any serious smartphone photog-
  Check out their website here.....

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Footprint 'Big Boy'

This is our latest addition and follows in the footsteps of it's hugely popular sibling's, the 'Slip' and 'Slip HD'.
Designed for use with ring mounts which can be attached
to the tripod thread.  The strap is ⅝" wide and approx 14"
in length and has a robust bridle clip attached.
The 'Big Boy' will only be available in our Dakota leather
(4 colours) with a choice of 24 trim options.

    Tan Dakota/Black 'Big Boy'

  Tan Dakota/Black 'Big Boy'.

  All Black Dakota 'Big Boy'.

  All Black Dakota 'Big Boy'.

   Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown 'Big Boy'

    Tan Dakota/Army Green 'Big Boy'

    Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown 'Big Boy'.

  Black Dakota/Red 'Big Boy'.